The Colors of Curb Appeal

            MAUMEE, OHIO - Passionate about the color purple? Best to keep that passion inside the house and not splash it all over your home exterior. That's the advice of color expert Kate Smith withSensational Color.

            "While a bit of purple on a home --- like a deep grape color on the front door --- shows the free-spirited personality of the homeowner, purple isn't one of those colors that everyone loves to see covering an entire house," says Smith, chief color maven at Sensational Color. "The most popular colors for home exteriors are light, toned down colors and neutrals like putty, beige and tan. Then the punch of color can come in distinct features like landscaping, trim and shutters."

            As part of National Curb Appeal Month in August, Smith offers color insights to guide homeowners toward colorful exterior home enhancements.

            "Gray is a very trendy color right now and it plays out well on home exteriors," says Smith. "There are many shades of gray that have widespread appeal. From gray green to charcoal, grays are an ideal color for the roof and siding on a home. There are many secondary colors that can beautifully play off of gray so that a homeowner can add his or her own personality to the house.

            "For example, a home with slate gray vinyl or clapboard siding would look great with polyurethane shutters, louvers and brackets, like those from Fypon, in a rich navy blue. Because gray is so versatile, those same products could easily be painted brick red, black or a much lighter gray to give the home a completely different style and curb appeal."

What Colorful Exteriors Say About You

            Smith relates that homeowners will often pick colors for their home exteriors that reflect their own personalities. Different "pops of color" tell passersby a good deal about the home's occupants, including:

Green --- boasts that you have traditional values, are down to earth, well-balanced and nurturing.

Blue --- tells people that you are relaxed, at ease, sincere and even a bit conservative.

Orange --- says that you are friendly, assertive, adventurous and optimistic.

Brown --- shows that you are honest, approachable, sturdy, reliable and wholesome.

Yellow --- reveals that you are cheerful, a leader or organizer, and that you have a modern, open outlook.

Red --- expresses a confident nature where you like to be the center of attention and sometimes exhibit signs of impulsiveness.

Purple --- discloses that you are a "free spirited" person who is comfortable taking risks and dreaming big.

Black and White Curb Appeal

            White and black are the two biggest extremes in curb appeal color. "Using black trim to accent a home makes a regal, independent statement," says Smith. "Black is often associated with prestige, elegance and a timelessness that is envied by many.

            "On the flip side, white is a very popular color for many aspects of a home exterior because it makes a house look bright, clean and fresh. White exteriors are wildly popular in the United States with homeowners who then paint their trim, doors and shutters with accent colors to create their personalized curb appeal."

            Another "power of white" is to use smooth, white trim to enhance the curb appeal on a medium or dark colored home. "Nothing pops like white crossheads over windows and doors or a stark white balustrade system," says Smith. "You can use easy-care products like those from Fypon for the main elements of the porch railing system and then add the curb appeal with colorful pillows on the furnishings, a decorative flag and big pots of brightly-colored flowers.

            "Sticking with white trim also allows you the chance to change your 'removable colors' with the seasons. Pull back the potted pink begonias after the summer and use pumpkins on the steps of a porch to set the color tone. Then, replace those with big red hearts for Valentine's Day to your front door after the holidays!"

            Smith offers more colorful insights in her free e-books "FRESH Home Exterior Colors" and "FRESH Color Schemes for Your Home Exterior" available at

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